The Court Journal of Science & Technology is the Expert440’s innovative quarterly online journal which serves as a forum for scholarly articles, notes and essays on subjects presented in litigation. The Journal provides a unique opportunity for experts and lawyers to contribute freely toward scholarly applicability of courtroom presentation and is available online to ensure broad readership. The Journal includes diverse and varied content and article length, and is designed with readability in mind. The Journal is also designed to promote the study and application of science and technology approaches to courtroom presentation for the benefit of factfinders in trial and provides a platform to critically evaluate the contributions of science and technology to legal issues. The Journal’s format allows an effective approach to articles in order to provide practicing attorneys information that is both theoretical and practical to courtroom presentation.

The Journal aims to contribute to scholarship both academically and practically, to promote the professional development of its readership, and be an outlet for the dialogue and analysis of current issues, ideas and approaches relative to science and technology in the trial process. Its articles, notes and essays critically evaluate the contributions and potential contributions of expert specialties to legal issues, assess science and technology alternatives, present research addressing legal issues, and examine legal issues of a scientific and/or technological nature that may be a significant contribution to practitioners in court.

Subject matter may not be defamatory or inflammatory toward any individual or group, and may not be inconsistent or incompatible with the Expert440’s diversity policy or that of the Litigation Counsel of America. The Journal is a publication whose submissions are limited to Expert440 members, Fellows of the Litigation Counsel of America, members of the Trial Law Institute and Diversity Law Institute, members of the judiciary and/or attorneys not employed in expert testimony themselves who are not otherwise members of the Expert440.

The Journal is open-access, with all articles available for free at www.ctjscitech.org. Because we are an online journal, we are de-emphasizing word limits in deference to quality, though we maintain an 800 word minimum. Submissions are published on a rolling basis as soon as they are accepted. Submission guidelines are available upon request. All submissions are subject to appraisal by the Editor and/or Editorial Board. Peer-reviewed articles are given preference.

The Journal and its agents and licensors make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the content of articles, notes or essays published and disclaims all such representations and warranties whether expressed or implied to the maximum extent permitted by law. Any views expressed in the Journal are the views of the authors and not those of the Expert440 or Litigation Counsel of America.

Court Journal of Science & Technology, June, 2015: Cyber Risk and Insurance