The Expert440 is an invitation-only registry of preeminent trial experts. It is limited to 440 experts practicing in various fields of expertise tailored to the primary practices of members of the bar’s most prestigious honorary societies. The Expert440 was designed to facilitate the case requirements of lawyers whose litigation demands the highest level of expertise, experience and knowledge in a given area of science, technology, medicine, law, business, arts, transportation, economics, design, construction, employment, safety and/or forensic areas surrounding legal issues.

For each specialized expert area, no more than two Expert440 members are selected, regardless of a category’s percentage applicability in legal practice. Members act autonomously with respect to evaluations, estimates, client relationships and billing. The Expert440 program is a resource dedicated to its members’ retention and takes no part in the agreement(s) between expert and counsel. Experts selected for inclusion in the registry may maintain more than one category of expertise. The directories of the Expert440 are designed for easy access by counsel, either by expert category or member’s name.

The Expert440 publishes the quarterly online expert journal Court Journal of Science & Technology (Ct. J. Sci. & Tech.) as an outlet for scholarly articles and essays on subjects presented in litigation. The Court Journal of Science & Technology includes diverse and varied content and article length, with readability in mind. Subject matter may not be defamatory or inflammatory toward any individual or group, and may not be inconsistent or incompatible with the Expert440’s diversity policy or that of the Litigation Counsel of America (LCA).